Teaching is . . .

Hansel and Gretel

Teaching is . . .

Teaching is not easy. No matter what some in society may think.

Not the commitment to every single child in the individualized way that his/her personality, skill-level, and learning style demand.

Not the unlimited reservoir of patience and relationship creativity that being present to young people requires.

Not the countless hours planning and assessing that the preparation for a great teaching day necessitates.

Not the ever-shifting directions that schools are required to take.

And certainly not the external messages that increasingly diminish the social importance that teachers must occupy, for a society that does not esteem its teachers cannot value its future.

But, teaching is beautiful. Because learning is beautiful.

Teaching is hopeful.

Teaching is visioned.

Teaching is inspired and, when great, even good, inspiring.

Teaching is kind.

Teaching is thoughtful.

Teaching is creative.

Teaching is provocative.

Teaching is determined, even relentless.

Teaching is individualized.

Teaching is compassionate.

Teaching is foundational.

Teaching is resourceful.

Teaching is collaborative.

Teaching is articulate.

Teaching is forgiving.

Teaching is healing.

Teaching is honest.

Teaching is careful.

Teaching is heartfelt.

Teaching is interactive.

Teaching is listening.

Teaching is integrity.

Teaching is necessary.

Teaching is learning.

In the balance, teaching is bountiful. A life worth living.

8 thoughts on “Teaching is . . .

  1. Teaching has been fortunate to have you, pouring yourself out daily. You worked so hard to share your love of learning with your students, inspiring them to expand their horizons. Wonderful that you are using all you learned through your experience to pass on to other teachers through The Purple Pen.

  2. If I said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times–only a few times to you, but many times to others… you are the best educator I have encountered in my 20-plus years in education… Your teaching is informed by and characterized by the qualities you outlined in the post… The same is true for the Purple Pen: These qualities form its foundation. It defines why the Purple Pen is different from any ed tech resource out there. It defines why the Purple Pen will be successful.

  3. Mr. McRaith,

    I stumbled upon this blog while attempting to relive my youth. I’m incredibly fortunate to have had you as an educator and as someone to look up to. Seeing as how I now have 3 children in school, there’s no saying what I’d give to have them led by someone like you.



  4. Mr. McRaith, it is so lovely to find you here and I echo all the sentiments you have shared. I would love to stay in touch. Guess what….I am teaching English at NLCP!

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