Teaching is . . .

Teaching is . . . Teaching is not easy. No matter what some in society may think. Not the commitment to every single child in the individualized way that his/her personality, skill-level, and learning style demand. Not the unlimited reservoir of patience and relationship creativity that being present to young people requires. Not the countless hours planning andContinue reading “Teaching is . . .”

An Ode to Teachers

An Ode to Teachers As energies, giving and taking do not dwell well within one special human, a teacher. To teachisTo give.Always. To fight is to want to take.Now.And, as teachers, we will fight. When backed into corners, teachers fight. Class size. Salaries. Pensions. These are things teachers should fight with society’s decision makers about. Teachers in allContinue reading “An Ode to Teachers”

Schools are…

Schools are . . . Make No Mistake: Schools are Accountable to Their Stakeholders for the Quality of the Learning. To the learners and their futures. To their parents/guardians. To the communities and cities within which those families live. To taxpayers. To our society’s future; Accountability is a Mutual Contract. The contract between a society and its schoolsContinue reading “Schools are…”