Deno’s Senior Project

Deno’s Senior Project Sometimes, human stories that are spoken and recorded, then edited and aired, can illuminate more than written stories, where black letters sit on the white of a page or screen. A colleague of mine, Heidi Curran Bojorges, has produced just such a spoken story, Deno’s Senior Project, for Vocalo, “the cool sisterContinue reading “Deno’s Senior Project”

Ghosts in the Water

Ghosts in the Water Ghosts? Really now? I am way too rational to believe in that stuff. Proof is necessary if I’m to tremble. Nonetheless, a spirit does haunt me. For some time now, Beloved has wandered my margins. As in the novel, Toni Morrison’s wisp is restless, long for everything and nothing at all, really, quite so veryContinue reading “Ghosts in the Water”