Hunger Games: The Parable (Redux…)

Hunger Games: The Parable (Redux…) Chicago is one heart- and mind-numbing community. During this past holiday weekend, Chicago experienced horrific human-on-human violence: 82 shot, 14 killed. Whether living in Chicago or outside it, one way that many of us understand and cope with a rate of violence that can feel so overwhelming is to draw implicit boundaries around Chicago’s more violent,Continue reading “Hunger Games: The Parable (Redux…)”

Hunger Games: The Parable

Hunger Games: The Parable She scrunches her eyes at nothing in particular. Two more tears, one to each cheek, roll slowly. I sit down across the table. “He was in the back seat. In the middle.” As if on the movie set of her life, upon her a radiant late September sun casts through theContinue reading “Hunger Games: The Parable”